Wk 11 — Student Choice — Part 4

Jimena Gutierrez
2 min readNov 8, 2020
Version 1

The photo above of my project is the first Draft.

The second one below is my revision.

Version 2–The supposed Final, for now.

The strengths in Version 1 lie in the presentation of the piece. The use of pen and drawing symbols were perfect. I used actual inspirations from original surviving Gothic texts.

The weakness, however, lies is the poor use and positioning of plants and especially, the limited use of the Gothic language. Language was supposed to be the bulk of this piece. I also had limited knowledge of what plants to use. I just grabbed whatever I could find, which was only one species of plant.

Based on the feedback that I got from a fellow classmate, it was a hope that the text describing my everyday life would be entirely in Gothic. I totally agree. I wanted it to be fully in Gothic, but I didn’t have enough time, nor did I want to be bothering people for more help.

There are two things that I did differently:

  • Everything is in Gothic: I took on a few lessons and understood the verb order and tried looking for the best use of vocabulary. However, there’s a long way to go!
  • Included a variety of plants: On the left page, a little sprig of mint was added. Together on the lower right corner of the right page, there is a sprig of Oregano and Basil blossoms. I took them by random at first, but I was able to attend a presentation by an aspiring PhD student in history (particularly Medieval history.) (I don’t exactly remember her major, but she’s very good at research on history, and loves it.). The presentation was on what the Goths ate based on some surviving documents. Mint, Oregano, and I believe, Basil, were all used according to one document she sent me. I’m glad that these herbs provide a significance other than decoration.

For sure, the 2nd draft was a bigger improvement than from the 1st draft. The language was there, and the diversity of some historically accurate plants were included. However, I messed up a bit with adding the little identical drawings on the very edges of the pages. They were present in the Codex Argenteus. I forgot to add them, so I added them to the bottom of both pages. Whoops. Other than that, this is pretty successful. Drafts in the future are always welcome.