Wk 13 — Essay 2 — Art!

Jimena Gutierrez
4 min readNov 22, 2020

In the beginning of the semester, I thought of art to be an expression of anything. Simply, a way of doing things in order to aim at a specific result is art. At first glance, art sounds like painting and drawing. Some expand it to music, cooking, and architecture. However, there is also an art to running a business. The way it’s managed can give it long term success, or flop. There’s an art behind teaching as well. The given techniques used to help students learn can either be effective, or less. Good businesspeople and teachers have a way of getting their goals through just on how they manage or teach. There is not only one way of doing it, but many ways that can secure success like multiple visual media portraying the same thing. That is art.

My view on art hasn’t changed at all, but it’s more expanded. I know that there is an art in anything! However, I never thought much that art can be found in Social Media and as a formation of discussion, for example. I acknowledge that it’s a medium, but when I did the essay for Micol Hebron, I learned that the media Hebron used is online discussion. It was used as a site for new ideas. The media was unconventional, and it took me a bit by surprise!

My major is Nutrition and Dietetics, and I’m not sure what my career goals are other than doing some counseling. I’m not fully sure if I should be a registered dietitian. However, counseling itself is an art. Strategies are an art. In terms of aesthetics and visuals, videos can explain processes of the human body when it comes to nutrition and supplements. Visuals can be used to explain what cells do with certain vitamins. It’s a lot more useful for chemical reactions. I have yet to understand how Vitamin B12 metabolizes macronutrients. Visuals also helped me see how caffeine blocks adenosine receptors, making people still feel alert.

Art is always enjoyable in my life. I bake, and I always like trying new recipes, so new flavors. Culinary variety is an art. I also enjoy painting and drawing things that I admire in life. I may not be a frequent artist, but I do like expressing my interests and feelings through it. I was commissioned to recreate roman taverns, and what the Goths most likely did in them. I also have a project in which shows admiration of how heat in the summer is handled. Expression is an integral part of being human. Art represents my thoughts, so they more or less represent what I am as a human.

Art definitely does matter. Even as technology and government responsibility goes on in society, art is where ideas are spawned. It’s used to criticize said government, and gives ideas for the use of new technology! Without art, there is less value for entertainment, and it hardly gives people a way to express themselves. Art media such as movies wouldn’t be there to influence popular culture, which is integral in sharing different views that can shape policy, business, and technology of civilization. How will technology be enjoyable? Architecture won’t be there to challenge engineering. Literature won’t be there to point out the flaws of society. Fashion and culinary products won’t be there to stimulate the economy.

I agree with the statement in National Endowment for the Arts’s a past slogan, which was “A great nation deserves great art.” If a nation is great, this nation should contain amazing thinkers and artists that would influence this nation’s future, and later influence future artists and thinkers. This great nation becomes self critical, and is always open for improvement thanks to the work of musicians, filmmakers, painters, writers, and architects that use their voice to talk to the public. There would be a consistently ongoing enlightenment. This quote is essentially saying that putting in good work brings out good results.

This semester brought about the adaptability to change in a lot of us. With it cutting out the in-person college experience, we explored ways where we can make the most out of online and staying close to “the beach.” Art is still a way of expression, and found in the most unconventional ways! For school and career, I can use art as a way to explain certain concepts well. It doesn’t have to show an exact representation at all! Scientific processes can be explained using words like analogues, and of course, there are videos to capture the process abstractly. I also like dressing in style, whether someone is watching or not. I will continue to doodle the things I enjoy in life as the my days pass. I will record my feelings and memories by using art too. Seeing what I create leaves a time capsule for me and everyone, and I like what I express.